Room request and renting DVC points

Hello again! Does anyone have experience with the TP room request and renting DVC points? Am I better off asking the owner (private rental - I’m confident he’d be happy to do so) directly, requesting through TP, or… both?

I have 2 reservations, both paid by me but with a different lead name (my mom on one). I’d like the rooms to be on the same floor, same wing, but otherwise don’t have much preference. At BCV if that matters. Thanks!

I did two requests in August when I rented points at GFV and BLT. I did not ask the owner to make a request . I did online check in, with no room requests. At a GFV, I got my exact view. At BLT, they told me at check in they could not give me the exact room, but it was two doors down.

I have always done room requests when staying DVC through member services (or in your case it would be asking the owner to do it). And I’ve had good luck with it. Maybe too good–for our trip in July we were waiting and waiting to receive a room ready text when we finally went to the front desk and they were just waiting for the exact room I requested to be cleaned.

All good to know! Thank you both. @Dreamer did you put the request in right away or did you wait until closer to the trip? Does it matter?

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It was closer to the trip but I believe someone at DVC told me they start making room assignments about 5 days in advance so I wouldn’t wait until the last minute.

I have a pool view dvc villa studio booked for feb 2020. I did it through David’s and at the time I made the res I asked for a room closer to the boardwalk. I then read that its best to send a fax about 5 to 7 days before the stay but David’s says not to request anything as it will override the original request made through them. Any thoughts on this? I feel like I should still do the fax.