Room request AKL

Hi all I am looking for the best Queen Bed room at either Sunset or Uzima view rooms. I have never stayed at AKL before and have no idea where to begin. When I attempt to find the room finder I always seem to click on a wrong room. I would take any advice anyone could give. If you have a certain view you love that includes giraffes I would greatly appreciate it. TIA

We loved the sunset savanah!! north!! try and score one close to the lobby…less walking!!

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I only experienced one night at AKL, so my opinion should probably not hold much merit… Because of the savannahs, the resort is very spread out. I ended up with a room pretty far from the lobby. The walk to reach the lobby was sooooo long. I forgot something in my car and the 5 mile walk (yes, exaggeration) seemed to take forever. This honestly was a deciding factor for me to not stay there again. Though, with the fabulous TP room request assistance (which worked perfectly on my last stay at BC) I’d consider giving AKL another go. So the only recommendation I would offer is to try to get a room closer to the main section of the resort.

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We stayed on the Uzima last trip and thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t know the room number off hand, but we were in the wing that has the pool view on one side and savannah view on the other, about 3 rooms in from the elevator. It was a little bit of a walk to the lobby (but I’ve had longer walks at other resorts), but right at the bottom of the elevator was to door to the pool area and Mara - very convenient, especially for the AM coffee run :-).

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Here’s a panorama picture from our balcony. If you look closely right in the middle you can see the top of EE showing above the tree line.

With a zoom lens…

And yes, we saw animals (lots of animals) too…