Room request AKL : king room standard view

Good morning everyone! 9 days til our trip!!!

I’ve been using the room finder to find the best partial savannah view for a room with a king bed. I’m finding there are very few who are marked as standard room, and they’re all accessible. When I switched to garden view king, then I get a huge selection. I’m a litttle weary of requesting one of the garden views, as I’m not sure if they count as standard or savannah rate.

The reason for the king bed is our baby will be sleeping between us, and our 3 year old will be happy on the day bed.

Based on this, do you have rooms you would recommend?

Thank you for your input!

The AKL view finder is a little off. I do not think there is a garden view. There should be standard, pool and savannah.

I am also concerned about a day bed at AKL? I have never seen one but I have never been in a king room.Will a pack and play work?

I know it’s a little off, as I often read in the room comments for example that the room isn’t 2 queens, but 1 queen and bunks…

Our West Jet package reservation states that for a standard view rate you either get a king with daybed or 2 queens. If we end up with a king only, then our 3 year old could sleep in a pack and play…

From what I gather so far, all the king rooms stated as standard view are all wheelchair accessible. None of the rooms are accessible with the garden view category. I don’t know why they called it that…
Those rooms are for example in Zebra trail Jambo,Flr 3,NE-facing room.Exmple:3471,3469,3467,3465,3463,3461,3459,3457,3455
In Kudu Trail Jambo,Flr 3,W-facing room.Exmple:3308,3306,3310,3304,3312,3302,3314,3285,3284

Should I take a chance and request them?

I would note that although there will be 4 in the room two are 3 and under and you are requesting the king bed room for room for the pack and plays.

Brilliant! Thank you!