Room Request Advice- Saratoga Springs

I’m traveling in July with my DH, SD 20, SS 16, DD 6, and DS 5 and we are staying a 2 bedroom at Saratoga Springs. My parents are joining us and will be staying in their own studio. We would like for the two rooms to be as close together as possible, definitely same building and same floor would be preferable. We have never stayed at Saratoga, but we would like something close to transportation and the pool/playground. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

How did you book?

If you booked on points, whether your own or rented, you will either have a standard or a preferred room booked. The preferred locations are Congress Park, which is nearest to Disney Springs, and The Springs, which is right by the main buildings.

If you booked direct with Disney I think you will be in a Standard location.

The nearest standard area to the main centre is The Paddock.

Each area has it’s own bus stop. And there are pools at The Springs, Congress Park, The Paddock and The Grandstand. The boat to DS is near the main building.

We booked with a Disney travel agent. Are the 2 bedrooms and studios located in the same buildings? What’s the likelihood of getting a preferred building when we booked through Disney?

All room types are found throughout the resort (except the 3-beds).

Not sure on the booking through Disney. I think it will be a standard location.

You can look at the map of the resort here:

Click on “view resort map” on the RHS of the page, under the resort address.