Room recommendations for GF CL-Sugarloaf?

Any specific room recommendations for my room request? We are staying at Grand Floridian Club Level, Sugarloaf. Hoping to avoid the noise of the lounge if possible.

Did you already complete your stay at Sugarloaf? Did you find a quiet room?

Hi! Yes, we stayed in October, and no, we did not get a quiet room! We got a room right over the lounge (exactly what I did not want). Asked to move; all they had was something the next day, and by then our schedule was too packed to take the time to pack up and unpack again. They gave us a box fan for white noise–I would say it was quite noisy until 10 pm, even sounds of cleaning up, plates clattering, vacuuming, etc. The kids slept well b/c they were so tired but it was actually a pain for me, a light sleeper.