Room Recommendation for Beach Club -- Club Level

Staying CL @ BC in February '20. Is there a 2-bdrm suite that’s preferable to the others? I’ve heard talk about “closer to EP” or “closer to lobby,” but does it really matter?

Are you going for a top floor “Club Level” room? I had a club level room there once upon a time, had a great view of the pool and HS fireworks, but it was a 3 minute walk to the elevator and the club lounge was past the elevator at the time. Made for long beer runs and a “quick trip” to the room from the pool could take 20 mins by the time I got to the elevator and back.

So if I ever got a top floor club room at the BC, I might go “close to the elevator” or “close to the club lounge”.

They have two bedroom suites close to epcot, but they will be on a lower floor, far from the free drinks, I mean club lounge.

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Thanks for the reply! I’m a novice when it comes to BC; I thought all the club level suites were on the 5th floor. Is that not the case?

If you have a water view two bedroom club suite, there are two on floor 2 and another 2 on floor 3

If you have a garden view two bedroom club suite, there are two on floor 1 and another on floor 4, if I read this correctly:✓&hotel=226&building=160&trip_id=513535&filters[rate_date]=07%2F17%2F2019&filters[view]=280&filters[lobby_distance]=any&filters[transportation_distance]=any&filters[accessibility]=any&filters[floors]=any&filters[rack_rate]=any&filters[ug]=&filters[sound]=any&filters[balcony]=any&no_draw=false&rooms=true&floor=2