Room only vs. package in regards to park ticket pricing increase

Hi all! I have a room only reservation for WDW because I was reading on various planning sites that a room only rate offers the least restrictions. However, I am now seeing websites warning that park tickets are about to go up. That being the case, should I convert my room only reservation to a package by adding park tickets, so I can lock in the cheaper rate?

I should mention, at this point we aren’t entirely sure how many nights/days we are staying. Right now I have a reservation for 5 nights but I may need to drop it down to only 4. I realize that extra night/day in the park is relatively cheap, however we are also planning on spending 2 or 3 days at Universal, so I have to budget accordingly. My kids are huge Harry Potter fans and we have already been to WDW once before.

I just want to make sure I lock in the cheaper ticket prices at WDW (I know I’m too late to do that at Universal for this year), but I also want to have flexibility on our dates. I want to be able to drop a night/park ticket if it turns out our budget won’t allow for that extra day at WDW. Is booking a package with room/park tickets for the max amount of nights/days we will possibly be staying the best way for me to go?


If you book a package now you most likely will apply a discount to that when they are released. When that happens any increase could be applied as well. The only way to really prevent this would be to buy discounted tickets now and keep your room only reservation and then apply a room only discount when it comes out.


Thanks for the reply! Apparently I was confusing in my question, lol, as I wasn’t asking about room only discounts, although I certainly hope one becomes available for our fall dates! My concern is locking in the cheaper park ticket prices, as from what I hear WDW is about to increase them. I’m not sure how much of an increase, but every little bit helps!

So I was wondering if I added park tickets to my room only reservation making it a package, would I get to lock in the cheaper park ticket pricing before they increase prices, and would I be able to make changes to the amount of nights staying/amount of tickets if I need to later?

If you make changes to a package after the price increase, I am pretty sure you will have to pay the increased price for tickets.

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Oh! I did understand that- but you would never pay full price for a package - would you? You will want to apply a discount. When you apply that discount it will change your tickets to the cost at that time. You will not lock in the ticket price. The only way to lock in the cost of tickets is to buy them now and save them for your trip (you should do that from a discounted seller like Undercover Tourist). If you do not do that- still keep your room only and buy your tickets later from a discounted seller (unless Disney has a package that includes discounted tickets).

Yes! That was what I was trying to say!

If he’s not sure how many days he wants, what will happen if he buys the 4 day tickets now and decides to add an extra day once the prices have gone up?

You will only be able to make 4 days of FPs but if things stay the same way (who knows with the rumors of tiered pricing), you will use your tickets on the first day- then go to a ticket booth (after you have used it one day but before you enter the park on your last day) and you add a day at the ticket booth. Then you can make FPs for your 5th day. If you use your ticket it will allow you to pay the one day upgrade (about $10-15) instead of the $10 price plus how much was discounted.

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Ah, ok. I didn’t realize that. Hmmm…that changes things.

Just out of curiosity, does it work the same with a room only booking? If there is a price increase on rooms between now and November, and I call to drop down from 5 nights to 4, will I be charged the increased room rate for the 4 nights? How likely is it for the room rate to change (to higher?) Is that something I have to worry about?

I am hoping for a room discount for our dates, but I know there are no guarantees.

It’d be interesting to see what a Disney rep had to say about their policies. Have you checked with them about it?

I would jut buy tickets separately - I just bought through Undercover Tourist and saved a LOT of money. We have gone several times and very rarely - have packages saved any money - I usually do a lot better ala carte


Rack rates should be set for the year. This means that there should not be an increase. There should definitely be a discount. Have you contacted MVT yo see if they have a special during your time?

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I was told there are no discounts yet. It’s too early.

Magical Vacations Travel has agency exclusive deals. They have some November dates- see if they work for you

Definitely see what Magical Vacations can do for you in terms of savings. They’re great if you have flexibility in your dates. I moved my September trip back one week and saved a significant amount of money using them.

I have a related question - If we have a package (room/tickets/dining plan) booked with a deposit but not yet fully paid, are we insulated from ticket price increases? We’ve been holding off on paying off the balance because we’re on the fence regarding the dining plan. But if we’re going to have to absorb a price increase for tickets we could probably decide on the dining plan and pay the remaining balance.

I would think you are insulated. But if you make ANY changes - it may be considered a new booking and you loose out. Personally I have always done better by booking things separately and not getting a dining plan. We are not big character diners now (although if you are doing character meals the dining plan can be very helpful).