Room only reservation

If I have a room only reservation for 7 days. I purchased separate tickets form disney’s conference discount for 3 days. Planning to book my ADR’s and FPP for day 4,5,6 of our stay. If I cancel the first 2 days of our reservation closer to our trip will anything happen to the ADR’s and FPP? Disney said no when I called but people on lines reported I could lose FPP. Anyone over here with experience?

if you are within 30 days of your trip, you’re FPPs should remain intact. SHOULD being operative.

you will NOT lose your ADR’s regardless of timing.

Thanks for your reply! Why after 30 days?

within 30 days, anyone (including off-site guests) can make FPP’s. So as long as you have tickets attached to your MDE, you’ll be able to have FPP’s.

If you cancel your reservation outside of 30 days, your FPP’s will disappear with the cancellation; because you need an onsite resort reservation and tickets to make and have FPP’s.

That makes sense. When I called disney they said the do not actually cancel the reservation they just modify by dropping the first 2 extra days. Still best to wait until after 30 days?

I would wait just to be on the safe side. It’s room only, so you have up until 5 days prior to checkin to cancel with no penalties or fees.

Just dropping first two days he will still have on site for 60 day fp but if no penalty with five day notice makes sense to wait