Room Only Reservation Payment Question

I’m going to be statying at Pop Century Aug 21-28 and I have a couple of questions about a room only reservation. I know if you do a package you have to pay in full 30 days out. Can I make payments in advance for a room-only reservation? I know I can’t in MDE. Also, if can’t pay it down in advance will the card on file in MDE be automatically charged day of or do I need to go to the front desk? I already did the advanced online check in thing.

I have always called and paid my room only reservations early as a way to spread out costs.

When I have not, it has charged my card early morning, or the night before check in.

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Oh great! That’s actually what I would prefer doing. They make it sound like only package reservations have the option to pay in advance when you book online. :joy:

Thank you!

You can definitely pay in advance. You have to call and let them know you want to make a payment. They will transfer you to an automated line for you to enter the amount and CC number. I’ve been chipping away at our May res for the last couple months. It’s easy, and the hardest part is waiting on hold for the CM to answer the phone and transfer you.


Can you use the Disney Rewards card to pay for your room?

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Yes you can

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Thank you!!!