Room only question

Planning on booking my split stay soon! (Yayyy!). Going to call so they can make my tickets the right number of days.

Question, for the room only part for the second leg of the trip. I’m really undecided on room type, Maybe even hotel. Can I change a room only reservation online. Not dates just type of room or hotel? Or will I have to call?

Yes, you can change all parts of a room-only reservation online. Dates, room type and even hotel.

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Thank you! That makes it easier to just get something booked!

I have changed my room and hotel dozens of times over the last two years leading up to my trips. Easy as pie.

Fun fact - you have to call to change your reservation for Disneyland or Aulani. WDW is so much easier.


Thank You!

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Wasn’t there a recent topic that discussed a ticketing issue when booking split-stay/room-only?

Yes that was probably me. I couldn’t get the package tickets to extend the whole split stay. I did call And I will be able to do it on the phone.

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