Room Only Discounts August 2015

Does anyone have the historical information for the room only discounts for August? Mousesavers has 15% - 30%, or something like that, but they don’t tell you what resort got what.

I’m specifically looking at POR, if that makes a difference. I’m trying to compare an offer for BC which currently almost matches rack rate for POR for that time, but doesn’t take into account possible discounts at POR.

Thanks! :smile:

it’s really hard to say. In the last couple of promotions, POR and POFQ were excluded or REALLY limited because they were already full. Often excluded are the Little Mermaid rooms at AOA.

15-20% are usually the values
20-25% are usually the mods
25-35% are usually the deluxes

Thanks. We usually go later and have no problem getting a discount, but I knew it’s been harder to get them for POR and POFQ is often excluded.

Decisions, decisions…

If it’s the BC deal I am thinking it is, I would go with BC! Such a great rate and walking distance to Epcot and HS plus an amazing pool!