Room-only booking window shortened

With APRs needed now, I think booking package as far out as possible is useful, as the tickets are completely refundable online if you have to cancel. Some discount places probably also have that perk but I’ve never used it

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But it does take a long time for dates to even begin selling out (except for a few choice dates obviously) So even that is minimally impactful IMO

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If you want to stay for a longer period but only get 4-day tickets because you plan to do other stuff, a package means your tickets will be valid for the whole length of your stay. Room-only would mean you’d have to use them within 6 days (I think, maybe 7).

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I see your point. So maybe I’m just saying I usually book a package because I’m lazy and like a one button refund if it comes to that! :slight_smile:

As an aside, I had to cancel a UOR stay as an add on trip for another vacation this summer, and UOR took more than 3 months to refund my card. I called 3 times and my refund was pending b/c they were so backed up supposedly. I canceled a resort stay at Dis to change to another resort for a split stay and they refunded my card in 3 business days.


When I’ve done packages (or any purchase from Disney), I’ve always paid with discounted Disney gift cards, and the ticket portion has come out about the same or slightly less than say, UT, when doing that. And that’s just modest Sam’s discounted cards, not 10% Meijer.

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I assumed it was to make me pay the higher room rate when the price is increased on the next release.


I booked a room-only and still bought tickets from Disney. I did it b/c of the 5 day cancellation on room-only and we went during hurricane season. Glad I didn’t have to worry about it, but it made me feel better if we had to cancel or reschedule on short notice.