Room location at AS Sports

I am going to put my room request in at AS Sports. We reserved 2 standard adjoining rooms. Our friends are in a preferred room which I understand is in a whole separate building. We would like to be decently close to our friends and the food court. Which building/rooms would you recommend that I request? I don’t care about being close to the pool. I would like to be able to quickly run out for my morning caffeine. Thanks!

Well, first…

If you mean you requested a door between - which is CONNECTING and not “adjoining” (which means next to/across from but there is no door connecting them) - there is no way that request can even be considered if they are in Preferred and you are in Standard. Connecting rooms is always a request only anyway - so you have reserved two rooms and made a request.

Best bet is to look at the room finder on here. But none of the All Star resorts is that huge.

My family has “connecting” standard rooms. The other family has a preferred room. I was told by the CM that I am guaranteed connecting rooms because we are 2 adults with 4 kids. I would like to be near our friends we are traveling with. My question is which building should I request so that we can be close to our friends in the preferred section.

The preferred section is not just one building.
Preferred will be rooms that are close to the lobby.
You could go to the room finder & search on preferred rooms to give you an idea, but it really may be just luck on how close you get to them.

Ok. Thanks! The CM had told me that the preferred rooms were in the building closest to the food court and bus stop. The standard rooms were in other buildings. I thought maybe some of the other buildings had different advantages than others.

1 & 6, 7 & 10 are the buildings that have preferred in them. Although I just looked at the room finder and it does appear everything in all 4 buildings is preferred, which seems odd to me, because the end rooms in those buildings don’t seem any closer than some of the other buildings.
I would just look at the finder and request a room in one of the other buildings that is as close as you can get to the lobby :slight_smile: