Room ideas for Beach Club

We will be staying at the BC for the first time this July. I’ve never requested a room before and I have always been pretty happy with our room. I am wondering if people have any thoughts on a room request. We have paid for a standard room booked through MVT. It will be me, DH, DS19, and DD15. Children will not sleep together (and we would rather not sleep with them) so the daybed would be awesome but I know there are no guarantees there. We love easy access to the lobby and pool but having never stayed at BC before I think I am thinking about the size of the mods so maybe clarifying this isn’t as important. I have heard a lot of the standard rooms have views of roofs which I would rather not have but I think location and the extra bed would trump the view for me. Any thoughts? Should I just let “fate” direct or do you have some ideas for room suggestions? Oh, and I’ve looked at the room finder but I guess because I don’t know what is really most important to look for I feel like I’m choosing based on view only. Is this confusing? Sorry!
Thanks in advance.

I haven’t stayed at BC but I can offer some thoughts on requesting rooms. First, from the TP room finder you can look at which rooms are standard, and you can constrain it to shorter walking distance from lobby if you want. But I don’t see an option to show which rooms are daybeds .

It sounds like the most important thing for your family is the day bed, so maybe instead of room numbers you could write something like, “my family would love a room with a day bed, please and thank you etc”. You can add second priorities like walking distance or landscape view. I think clarity and politeness are key.

Thanks. That’s what I was thinking too. I just thought someone might be able to chime in on is there really is a room that feels too far away from the lobby. I probably could have been clearer in my original post. Thanks again.

BC isn’t a huge resort so you’re never too far from most things. I’d recommend requesting ground floor though.
We stayed at the villas there last year and @len advised me that height is not particularly important at BC or BCV. He was right. I was very happy with our ground floor room as it meant no additional time waiting and taking stairs or elevators.
With the exception of BLT, ground floor is our personal preference at all resorts.

Makes sense! :slight_smile: Hope your trip is fantastic!

We have stayed at BC in a standard room twice, but have never gotten a room with a daybed. Both times we had a nice landscape view from our room. We have found the walk from the lobby to the room is very long (but air conditioned!). But the walk can also get you much closer to Epcot or the pool, so there are trade offs.

That is an excellent point. I guess again, what is long? Our first trip to POR was (no joke) a 10 minute walk to the pool and 15 minutes to the food court. DH would drive to get breakfast. We’ve become more savvy and at Mods we pay for preferred. This is our first deluxe and I keep thinking, it can’t be as long. Honestly I can’t imagine not being happy there!

thanks. I got my reply confused but I agree that being close to lobby or close to Epcot is all great!

We stayed standard at BC last month. After WL it felt big with a fair bit of walking. We have always (4 stays, so not a ton) stayed standard room when going deluxe at WDW and have always ended up with a much nicer room than we expected via faxed room request (once overlooking SAB, once overlooking crescent lake ground floor). Rather than asking for a room number, suggest ask something specific in criteria like: “A room with day bed most important to us if possible. Prefer as close to lobby/lobby elevator as possible.” Gives the room-assigner a little latitude.

Thanks. So close to just letting fate decide. Or not. I need to make a choice soon. Ironically I found a lovely room on room finder. I am just stuck on this day bed idea. It’s like the last little detail and I have nothing else to obsess about!

We are DVC members and we always get rooms are a fair bit away from the lobby but those are the rooms we prefer because it’s so close to the IG entrance to Epcot. You don’t have to go all the way through the lobby and backtrack, but there are several other exits/entrances to use.

I would request a room w a daybed as first priority, if you don’t mind a little walking to the lobby. It’s nothing like the walks than AKL can have.

I just looked it up, we stayed in a standard room with a great view (and full balcony) last time we were at Beach Club - Room 3680. It did not have a daybed though.

Then just send a fax asking politely for a day bed.
With TP, you have to select a room to be able to to generate a fax in the ‘Fax request’ section, but then you can (as we always do) edit the fax to take out any reference to a specific room number, and just asked for the desired particulars. It’s totally worth asking for.

@ spice4fitz… That is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks all. My issue is I just can’t decide! I’m not typically indecisive so it’s an unusual place for me! I will think on this further.

Do you know anything about the roll away beds. I know there are limited numbers but does anyone know if they are comfortable at all. I’ll probably just sleep with DD and let her kick me all night :slight_smile:

I hope I can help you… I stayed at the Beach Club last March and used the automated fax service from touring plans to request room 2567, and got the exact room I requested. It’s not ground floor, it’s in the second floor, but it’s close to International Gateway, not that far from elevators, but enough not to hear any noise. It has a nice side view of the lake, so it’s still considered a standard room, but the best part for you, I guess, is that it has a day bed. Just to be sure, the daybed is like a sofa, right? I didn’t open it to check, but I was looking at the pictures I took from the room and it seems to be a daybed. The room was very comfortable and had a full balcony. Let me know it you have any additional questions. I have tons of pictures of that room. Hope you find the perfect room!

Thank you so much! What a wonderful room.

@disney1974, does the patio on the ground floor have a railing? We’ll be in a 2br at Beach Club for one night this year (my sister ALWAYS ends up deciding to extend by a day at the end!), and will have 2 small kids. As we’re only there for the one night before late-morning flights home it’s really not a huge deal where the room is, but view photos from the room finder seem to suggest that they are just a tiny concrete slab with a couple of chairs, which I am not a fan of.

No railings. There are lovely hedges that line the patio slabs.

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Just checked my pictures from my visit last March… No railings

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