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why is the room finder not working for beach club one bedroom villas? want to know view from upper level and use this as a filter and no rooms selected. thanks

I’m seeing rooms - did you first select the Beach Club Villas resort?

yes maybe its the computer blocking some area will try on different one. Thanks for checking

I have found the Room Finder interface to be a little confusing - make sure you are doing the following steps:

  • Go to the Room Finder page for the Resort in question (
  • Put in the Filters you want (Standard/1 Bedroom) and click on ‘Show Matching Rooms’. Next to 'Filters it should show the number of rooms it found (94)
  • Click on one of the highlighted Resort buildings on the map. This takes you to a floor-by-floor map of that building, with matching rooms highlighted. You can change the floor using the drop-down menu in the top right of the map
  • Click on a room for the room specs, sample room view, and room request text

Also make sure you haven’t checked ‘TP Recommended’ (or whatever the checkbox is called). Only a couple rooms per resort are given this designation, so I’ve found it will give no results if I check it.

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yes did check TP recommended and there are none for 1 bedroom villa. Thanks @Imagineer !!

Somewhat related question…We’ll be staying at BCV this fall, and I’ve heard some of the units have decent views of Illuminations. I’ve been checking the Room Finder and maps for 1 bdrm villas that look like they might have an extra special view. 555 seems like it might be what I’m looking for. The room request text is, “Bldg 1,Flr 5,E-facing room.Exmple:557,559,555,561,461,459,457,455.” Has anyone lucked out and had a BCV 1bdrm you could watch Illuminations from? Do you recall the room number? Any other tips? TIA!

would love to know this as well, thanks for asking

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just found a site with the following room numbers 429,457,465,471, 529,546,548 said can see illuminations

Awesome, thanks!