Room Finder - What am I doing wrong?

New Liner here. Grateful for the great advice I’ve read so far! We’re staying at POR next week and I’d like to fax over room requests, but none of the Standard View rooms are “Touring Plans Picks.” What am I doing wrong? Would I be out of line to fax a room request for ones that are recommended, but might be garden or pool view? We’re celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary - no kids. Hoping for a quiet room, near transportation, preferably with something other than a parking lot to look at! Suggestions on using the Room Finder/making requests?

I would leave off the touring plans picks options. Look at them map and your room type only then look at the various views and find one you’d be interested in. I’m not sure what the qualification for being a TP Pick is so go with what looks good for you. I’d mention your special event and hope for an upgrade rather than request one that is outside of booking category.

Agree with @Outer1. I don’t know how they define the “Touring Plans Picks” but they pretty much wipe out every single room. Honestly the room view at POR isn’t that bad anywhere, since there aren’t many rooms that face the parking lot and only the parking lot. And even then, the landscaping all the way around is beautiful anyway. To be closest to transportation, I would recommend requesting one of the mansion rooms (North depot is what we used, and it was great). And for something quiet, I would recommend requesting an upper floor. Our room was a Garden View, second floor in Acadian House, and the location was PERFECT. Quick walk to main building, quick walk to quiet pool, quick walk to transport, minimal foot traffic outside, and I don’t think we heard anything from any other room over the 11 days we were there.

Panoramic View from room

Just shifting slightly to the left

You might be doing the same thing I was. I would pick my filters for POR - Garden, upper floor and then TP picks and hit enter and nothing seemed to happened… I was totally baffled then I realized - YOU HAVE TO SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE PICKS! d’ouh! they were underneath the map of the resort and showed individual room views. Hope that helps

Thanks for the advice everyone! Clicked on what felt like hundreds of rooms and you’re right, there’s hardly a bad view to be found, even among the Standard rooms. Thanks again