Room finder views

I’m finding that the photos of views in the room finder are frequently (usually?) taken from another room. In fact, the other room is often a considerable distance away and may face a different direction. Is the room finder useful? (I’m looking at woods view rooms at Wilderness Lodge.)

The view finder for deluxe is dependent on photos taken from inside the rooms ( at values and moderates the photos can be taken outside). I find it helpful to look at the map/photo to get a general idea.

E-mail and let them know the room numbers in question. I found some WL rooms where woods view and courtyard view were flipped, and they fixed it quite quickly.

I also know Len is looking for more pictures to round out the site. So, if you end up in a room where Room Finder is lacking, take a pic and send it in.

To answer your question, however, I’ve had great success with it. As Principal Tinker so correctly posted, outside access at mods and values make photos a snap (:grinning:). At POR I found the perfect room strictly by using Room Finder.