Room Finder tool

When I enter my criteria the room finder says

Bldg 1,Flr 3,NE-facing room.Exmple:3087,3089,3091,3093,3095,3097,3109,3111,3143”

Is that what you all use to make a request? Seems like it may be too specific. Or is that a good thing? My first priority is NOT to be overlooking the parking lot. TIA!

I think if there is a a specific room you want you need to specify that.
But only the room number you want. So like this.
Bldg 1,Flr 3,NE-facing room. ROOM 3087
(assuming 3087 is the one you want)

That’s what I’ll be doing anyway :smile:

Yes! That’s exactly what I say! Trust the wording. And, ask the CM to read it back to you to make sure they typed it into the system exactly.

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The TP suggestions are generally pretty good, as they first have criteria so that the room assigner can figure out what is important to you, and then some good examples to pick from if they happen to be available. However, if your main priority is to not be overlooking a parking lot, then you might want to just make that your request. You may also want to delete the floor from your request, as that should give you the same general view but with more possible rooms to choose from - just leave the example rooms as shown, as IMO they would have the better views, “Bldg 1, NE-facing room.Exmple:3087,3089,3091,3093,3095,3097,3109,3111,3143”

Thanks everyone. Are you all calling the requests in now as opposed to sending a fax?

Calling in and having it added to your reservation is supposed to be sufficient, but Liners tend to want to cover all the bases so they will fax as well. :slight_smile:

I always call. That way I can be sure the request was entered correctly.

Great. Just call the main reservation number or resort directly? How far in advance? Sorry, I’ve read mixed recomendations. Thx!

Call the main WDW Reservations number to have your request added to your reservation. If you are going to fax your request too, send the fax about four days before your stay to the resort fax number,

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I think it really depends on the resort, what you’ve paid for, and what you want. At Poly, CR, AKL, I’ve just said “quiet, non-connecting room” or “balcony” or “not overlooking kitchen roof” in order of priority. I know CL will type in exactly what you say. Will see how my non-CL request goes.

Actually had a situation where a CM gave me an attitude w my request. Couldn’t believe it. Hung up, called back and asked the next CM to read the request that the unpleasant CM typed. Nowhere near what I said. This is why I know ask them to read back the request. For me anyway, the more specific the better chance I’ll get what I want. I’ve gotten some great rooms with killer views using the selector. Garden or water views at basic prices are out there. Although, ha, I only appreciate the view as I leave my room for full days in the parks. :slight_smile:

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All rooms look the same in the dark…