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I have a trip planned in June (2016). 3 adults / 2 kids in DVC deluxe studio lake view at the Polynesian. I need help finding a room with 2 queen beds / pull down bed. Any suggestions?

I believe All of the deluxe studios at poly Are the same, they have a queen bed, a queen sleeper sofa, and a pull down kid size bed.

I’m not sure what the question is here. All Poly DVC Studios have 1 queen bed, 1 queen sleeper sofa, and 1 pull down bunk size bed, and I believe all the Lake View rooms are in Moorea. Are you looking for specific room recommendations, or are you having problems using the Room Finder?

I haven’t looked but last I heard the DVC room finder has not been updated for Pily (rooms are still listed as regular rooms?)

I was surprised but noticed that too over the last couple of days.
The Villas at the Polynesian Village is not listed in the Deluxe Villas category.
I was curious (trolling :wink:) and wanted to see where the studios are located relative to the whole resort.

The Poly Villas are not listed under the Deluxe Villa Hotels, but if you go into the Poly under the Deluxe Hotels section you can select ‘Lake View/Deluxe Studio’ or ‘Standard/Deluxe Studio’ to get the DVC Studios.

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May I respectfully request a cross reference? :blush:

@len had mentioned they were working on updates in a similar thread here, but I haven’t seen any changes yet.

We’re just over 70 days out from our trip so I’m hoping the updates happen soon.


As usual I see that @brklinck of course is correct. Although Poly DVC is not listed under DVC room views , if you go to the room finder for Poly the DVC rooms are an option in the pull down menu.

There’s still a small bit of work to do on one of the maps - I think there’s a building where 1 or 2 rooms were converted, and we need to capture that change. But yeah, the studios and bungalows are in the system now. Thanks to @david and @GuySelgaJr for getting that done.

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