Room Finder - More Than One Choice

Sorry if this has been asked. I looked and couldn’t find anything on it.

I subscribe to touring plans and have done a room request in the past which unfortunately did not come through.

I’m staying at BLT in a few months in a standard view room. I’ve identified 3 rooms I’d like to request - I thought maybe if I said room A, room B, or room
c - whatever is available that I’ll have a good chance of getting one to come through. Can we do that? Or is there a way to handle it? How can I accomplish this? Thanks!!!


Just go to configure fax on dashboard and you can change it to whatever you want!

You also have to make sure the room your requesting is in the same category your paying for. Sometimes you can get away with it, if theres availability. Also, about 3 days before, it cant hurt to call the resort and reiterate that you put a room request in and REALLY want that room… if theres anything they can do (a sweet southern accent doesnt hurt, lol).

Rather just suggesting 3 specific rooms, I would include in your fax why you would like them. It will help the room assigner much more than random room numbers. Do you like room A because it’s on the first floor? Because it faces a lake? Because it’s close to transportation? They don’t know why you want it unless you tell them.

My last one at Pop read something like this:
Thank you for considering our room request. We would like to request room 1234 or another room that is:

  1. Adjoining rooms with res number blah blah
  2. Top floor
  3. close to transportation