Room finder help

I just book a Disney vacation at all star sports it is a accessible room with a king bed and a double bed with a roll in shower. I was told it would be in building 1 but i can’t find any rooms that meet this description in your room finder for all star sports.

As far as I know, the room options at all star sports are either 2 double beds OR 1 king bed. The accessible rooms have 1 king. The exception would be the family suites at all star music.

PrfrdRm WChrAcc RollIn OptHr K D (this is my res conformation) I did not book on line I booked over the phone and I doubled checked with them that it is an actual king and double bed not a roll away.

Hi, I just noticed that you were new here, so welcome to the forum. We also have what is known as chat…and there are many knowledgeable people(known as Liners) over there. I will pose your Q over there to see if we can get any more info on that. I’ve stayed in that resort before. The All Star rooms are TINY. There is barely enough room for 2 double beds with a nightstand between them and a little room on either side of them to get in and out each side. As I’ve stated, I personally don’t know of any rooms with both King size and a double, and from a space perspective, I can’t see how that would fit either. Many times, the cast members that answer phones do not always have the correct info and answers can vary. I trust the Liners here much more than cast members many times haha. So, hopefully we can get you more information. But, I have a feeling your room type is not coming up on room finder because it doesn’t exist. Worst case, you could possibly put a single rollaway bed in the room with the king if needed.

Ok so here’s the scoop…try searching only using accessible as parameter. I am told that there are king accessible rooms with a connecting room that has doubles, and that they are sometimes marketed as a standard accessible room.

I tried to shake down Disney to get a room number. Guess what they don’t exist or at least not yet they are under construction.I was assured that when we get there in june the rooms will be done, or they will at least give us a room with a roll away worst case scenario. As long as me and the Mrs get our king the kid does not care as long as she does not have to sleep on the floor. Just wish we could see the view so we might be able to chose a nice view and a quiet room.

I have been assured that they do exist…several Liners have stayed in them. One of the staff members just said they don’t have every room configuration on room finder. The people who have stayed in them report that it is actually 2 connected rooms…one with a king size bed that is accessible and one with 2 doubles. The rooms are connected through an interior door. It is charged as a standard room, so if this could be scored, it is a great deal. Sorry you are getting different reports from cast members. That is so frustrating. I hope you get the rooms you need and have a great vacation.