Room finder for connecting rooms

Has anyone had any luck using the room finder when needing connecting rooms? My travel agent has us put in for connecting standard rooms at Wilderness Lodge and having the connecting room is the most important for me. I am wondering if I do a room finder request for my room and note the other reservation and they do the same, basically requesting the same room, if we will have any luck?
Or should we just do the online check in and put our general requests in there?

If the connecting rooms is the most important request, then I wouldn’t put anything else down.

You definitely need to note the other reservation number on both. Do the TP fax and the online check-in **if ** there’s somewhere for free text (otherwise don’t).

And good luck! Remember at the end of the day it’s a request.

I’m just wondering if the connecting room request my travel agent has put in will negate any touring plan request. I know if you do the online check in room requests and the touring plan request, they will throw out the touring plan request, so I am wondering if there is any reason to even try the touring plan request? I guess we will see.

Do you want connecting rooms or adjoining rooms? Make sure you use the right lingo. Otherwise you’ll end up with rooms next to each other but without a door between them when you wanted rooms with a connecting door (or vice versa).

How can you filter for connecting rooms on Room Finder?