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I’ve been searching around here and can’t see how I make this request? Can you please help? Staying at Jambo House 1/4-1/7 and really trying to get a bunk bed room. Thanks!

There are great directions here

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When we made reservations we reserved a bunk bed room… can you just request one?

You can edit the text any way you want.

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It’s best, however, to leave the primary line as-is because that is in “room assigner speak” regarding area, etc. Then put any details in the “additional information” box.

I put my requests in priority order - in my case 1st priority Surfs Up section; 2nd priority top floor; 3rd (and far below) priority King bed - in the box, so the assigner knows what area I want from the first line and then the requests in the box clarify that.

The priority order thing is really important so that the assigner knows which is the more important and will look for that first, then if there are any that meet 1st and 2nd, and then if there are any that meet all 3. Granted, it is always just a request, but if there is no priority given, you might end up with your bottom priority simply because they didn’t know what was most important. (Like, your first priority might have been available but the assigner didn’t know that was your first priority so s/he picked one of your requests to meet.)

Although I believe the question is regarding a bunk room and I know that in some resorts (AKL in particular) the TP room numbers have been “off” and if you want to note something about a bunk bed room I would have the fax sent with my own text. I say this knowing that I only use the fax for AKL. I have had amazing luck with online check in ( 4 straight upgrades with two of them CL upgrades).

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As a PP said, I thought the bunk bed thing was a bookable category, so outside of that it would only be a request anyway. I’d double check, and if it’s a bookable category, I’d change my reservation to that if it’s a requirement.

I personally would still leave the text as-is (I’m assuming the room was also selected for the view - if not, just have it say “room with bunk beds” and no room number) so they know the direction you want to face and then put bunk beds in the body.

Standard view bunk beds at AKL is not a bookable category. There are standard view bunk rooms. AKL Jambo room 4322 is a standard view ( with an amazing savannah view) bunk room.


TP has this listed as a 2 queen room. We really want a standard bunk bed room, so should I request this one?

Yes! Look at the comments! That is definitely a bunk room. I actually did not ant the bunk- that is why I have it in my notes.

Okay great, I couldn’t see the comments on my phone screen, I usually look at it on a larger screen. Thank you!

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