Room fax request vs Travel Agent call-in room request

My travel agent said she called in to the resort our specific room request and told me to not check-in online but to go straight to the front desk when we arrive because if I do online checkin it overrides any request she made. I’m wondering if this type of request is the best or should I do the online fax through TP and then check-in online now to save some time?

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The main thing to realise is that the TA request will now be added to your reservation. There is only one place they can add requests.

If you use the TP fax, that will over-write what is already there. Same with on-line check-in options, which is what your TA said (although the options have been removed now anyway).

You can still check-in online, just don’t even try to use the drop down options, in case it over-writes the request with spaces.