Room Fax Question

I am staying at WL beginning 9/24 so the online check in is now an option for me. I have also put in my room request for TP to fax over. If I check in now and make a request for high floor room through the Disney website will that mess anything up with the TP fax that will go over a few days before I check in?

Just make sure both are consistent. If one says “high floor” make sure the other does too

Also we are arriving around Noon, though we are aware that check in is at 3:00 PM. If we do online check in now does that make it any less likely that we can do an early check in the day of?

Is it giving you an option to request an upper floor through Disney?

I called my TA at SMV for a similar reason. I ask her to request a room in a specific building and as close as possible to the bus stop. We will also get there around noon and I asked her to try and get us an early check-in. She told me that Disney doesn’t do early check-in and that my best shot was to ask as nicely as I can if a room is ready once I get there. She also told me that asking for a room before check-in time will make them NOT consider any other previous requests. Not sure whether it’s true or not but that’s the info I was able to get.

Funny you mention this becuase I just went to the website to check in and when I click the drop down box on room location requests nothing shows up. Website error or do they not do this for the WL?

It’s not been showing up for quite a while on the site. Some people have been told it is being deliberately phased out.

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As others have said, IF there are options in online check-in, just don’t contradict what you’re asking for in the fax. And DO NOT check that “early arrival is most important” box unless it really is.

Honestly, I’m sure that the front desk CMs are probably most happy that that little box is not there right now. I can only imagine the people who checked it without fully realizing what it meant and then wanted to complain and argue that they didn’t get their requests though they got a room in early.