Room fax for Pop. Help!

My room request went out today for Pop. I am wanting a renovated room and indicated that on the fax, however I did online checkin as soon as it was available & checked 90s. i went back in to confirm it’s correct & it had changed on its own from 90s to ground floor. No matter what I do, it changes it back to ground floor. I’m now worried it will mess up my room request. Should I call to request or just trust the TP fax?

Why not both?

How was the TP fax worded?

I requested a ground floor 90s room & commented that I would like a renovated room if possible because I have 2 teenage boys, the queen bed would work best for us.
I’ve done the TP fax only one other time, & did not get near the room I requested at all, so I think that’s the reason I’m most worried. Not sure how well they work.