Room Discount with Annual Pass

We are visiting on May 22-26, and since an annual pass seems to be cheaper than a 5-day pass, this is what we are thinking of purchasing. I called Universal to find out about the Cabana Bay suite discount with an annual pass, and I was told there are no room discounts at any of the resort hotels during this time period. Does this seem right? I thought that was one of the annual pass benefits. Could there be a discount coming that just hasn’t been announced for this time period?

I checked today and there are only annual pass discounts through March. In October there were discounts, but not for my dates.

Thank you. That’s really frustrating because the hotel discount is mentioned as a benefit even though it says savings “up to” a certain percentage.

See if this link works.

You can che k pass holder rates and dates.

i have read on chat that the discounts are only released a few months in advance and to keep checking. We will be there the same week!, planning a legoland day too

I plan to keep checking. I bought our annual passes & signed up for emails so maybe they will send me upcoming discount opportunities. Enjoy your trip! I’m hoping the week before Memorial Day will be a good time to visit. Better than our last visit in the heat of August!

On the link provided the discounts only go til end of March. I keep looking too. I’m looking forward to vacation as we are soon under 100 days.

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Universal Website now showing discounts to end May. I guess they roll them forward as it gets closer to the time and they can see booking levels

Thanks for the heads up! I made our reservation using the AP discount, but unfortunately the last night of our stay is the Friday before Memorial Day and the rate isn’t available over that weekend. The only way I could use the AP rate for earlier in the week is to make 2 separate reservations and pay both deposits. I’m hoping the discount will become available for Friday eventually, and I’ll get a price adjustment. We are paying twice as much for the same room for that last night which nullifies most of the AP savings! We could have downgraded from a suite to a standard room just for that night to save $60, but we decided not to. We’ll make up the difference somehow if no Friday night discount comes up!! I could have also switched to the Stay More, Save More rate and made one reservation for the whole stay which would have been $25 more, but I would have paid only one night’s deposit today. I figure I’ll just keep checking the website and make changes as new rates pop up.

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thanks for the update

Does anyone know if I can get 3-4 rooms at the AP rate with 1 AP? I wanted to get some for my family to help everyone get EP…