Room Discount Strategy

In the past I have always used DVC points to stay. However, after having dinner at Boma, my family fell in love with Jambo House, and there is no availability through DVC. I did find standard rooms through Disney and will be on the hunt for those room-only discount offers. Is there a specific strategy like FPP or ADRs? Do I need to call at midnight or 6am?

The Mouse Savers website has a chart of historical discount dates and details. You can use that to extrapolate this year’s discounts. That gets you in the right ballpark.

Then you can watch the discussions on the Touring Plan Lines Chat to catch the actual date when a discount starts. Someone will usually post when the discounts go live. It’s usually in the morning. I have had good luck booking a new room online once a discount goes live. Lots of people call though, especially if they already have a room booked and want to change to reservation to apply the discount. I think you can make changes online too, but sometimes there is a bit of a delay before MDE catches up with new availability.


I would start by seeing if you can modify and apply a discount online. If not, call. The problem is that many discounts do not allow for weekend stays so you cannot always apply them. Discounts are often available very early morning, but the phone lines are not open until later. I assume you would have already checked with MVT and Pixie Dust and Pirate Hooks agencies?

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I had not heard about pixie dust or pirate hook agencies. Do they offer steeper discounts than other agencies?

MVT and PDPH both offer agency exclusives rates that they purchase in convention blocks. They have many of the same dates, but each may have exclusive dates.

Ok thanks. I booked through MVT but had not heard of PDPH. I will check them out! It seems like MVT rates were at about a 20% discount and offered some lower ticket prices as well. Which was better than I was finding anywhere else other than to try to see if I could snag a discount directly through Disney or book through DVC.

I didn’t book through MVT because they only have 2018 dates right now. I was looking into Jan 2019. Also since they do not offer on weekend stays, can they give partial discount? I am booked for a Saturday to Saturday stay.

Who does not offer weekends?

I booked MVT for a Saturday to Saturday. I would also contact an agent regarding the dates you are interested in going. The website is not up to date. Our trip was in May 2018 and I booked in June/July of 2017. I had notified an agent and she contacted me when the dates were available. January may actually be available.

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I might have read wrong that weekends are not part of the room only discounts. Glad they are! lol

It depends- sometimes they are but sometimes certain dates/resorts can be excluded.