Room Discount at POR

I had a room only reservation at POR in a Garden Room (only because the standard rooms were not available when I booked it months ago). As soon as the discount came out yesterday, I called to apply it to my room but they told me that the discount would only be available on a pool view room.

Are the discounts usually available only on certain room types? I feel discouraged because I don’t want a pool view room (concerned about the noise level) but it was the only way for me to get the discount.

Has anyone stayed in a pool view room at POR, and was the noise level a concern for you?

It is common for discounts to be available for certain room types. It depends on which rooms have the most availability. I would look at the touring plans room finder to see which rooms qualify as Pool View rooms and request one that is close to one of the quiet pools. At Por the feature pool is actually on an island so not incredibly close to the rooms. I haven’t stayed in one myself so I can’t comment on the noise level. Discounts are nearly always available on the royal rooms as well which are close to the main building but you may be able to get a garden view room that way.

Same exact issue, same call day, same resort, same room type here. Not only do the discounts apply to certain room types (maybe the underperformers that they are trying to sell?) but also only a certain number of discounts are available. The CM I spoke w said the phones were slammed yesterday mostly because travel agents were calling to try and have the discounts applied for their clients and maybe themselves too. Seems that when a discount is announced, it’s best to get on the phone right away.

@JJHoffmann I ONLY book pool view rooms at PORS. Don’t think of it as a view, it’s more of a location - meaning close to a quiet pool. The main pool is on an island in the middle of the river. And quiet pools are quiet. I prefer these locations because we like to take a swim at 1am when we get back from the parks and there is laundry at every quiet pool. Also, the bus stops are behind the pool buildings - excellent location for convenience!

So if a pool view is less $$ / better deal do not be worried about noise if it’s a consideration


I called on Monday for the same scenario hoping to apply visa room only discount to our Magic Your Way package. We had to upgrade to pool view to apply RO discount. I am glad to hear the area is quiet! I was concerned!!

Awesome! Did you get the pool view at a better price than your previous room?

With the upgrade, I got the pool view and put $100 back into my pocket for the week :slight_smile:

That is AWESOME! Great move and tip.

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FWIW, same deal with WL - only way to get the discount was to upgrade to woods view, so I saved, but not 30% off my existing reservation, 30% off a reservation that cost $300 more…