Room Capacity

We are a family of 5. When we travel to any other hotel except WDW we get by just fine in one room but WDW will not allow more than 4 in most standard rooms. (Yes, I am well aware of which can sleep 5.) I hope this doesn’t offend anyone…but I am wondering if anyone has ever stayed on WDW property and exceeded their room capacity.

Having worked in a hotel, I can tell you that this is a safety issue. Were there to be a fire, it would be impossible for the hotel to know if everyone was accounted for when a room had an extra guest in it. Worse, they might think everyone is accounted for only to learn later that there was an undisclosed guest in a room and no one had any idea where that person is.

Additionally, the fifth person in your room would not have a Magic Band. They’d be unable to access the room without someone else, their park tickets would not be linked to their band, and if you had a dining plan, they would not be on it. You’d also be unable to get them FPs at 60 days out. I get that it’s an inconvenience; I’m actually starting to plan a trip for five myself. Have you looked into renting DVC points or the cabins at Fort Wilderness? Either of those might suit your needs without having to skirt the rules.

Personally, I’d feel safer having my family in one room. Faster to assemble and evacuate if needed :runner:

The MB / FP issue sounds like more of a concern, though. Is your 5th person under 3? In that case, I’d chose to squeeze into one room. Haven’t done it before so can’t offer any lesson from experience.

This is a tough one - I have to honestly say - for being family friendly - there are many times that WDW is not. For me it comes down to the age of the 5th person - if it is a small child - I don’t think I would have an issue with it
My only issue is most WDW are crowded at 4 people let alone 5

Have you checked into POR :slight_smile: They allow 5 in their rooms :slight_smile: Not sure which hotel you were looking at but 5 is possible :slight_smile: We loved staying in POR with 5. My daughter loved the fold down bed. When we went back, I booked us in the Royal rooms since there were only 4 of us and she was mad because she didn’t have her OWN bed. This was also cheaper than booking 2 standard adjoining rooms at one of the All Stars and cheaper than the AOA family suites :slight_smile: Just an option :slight_smile:

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Remember they wouldn’t be eligible for emh entry if not listed on the room as well as no booking fpp at 60 days.


I forgot about that :slight_smile: The one thing I did think about is if you do Magical Express they wouldn’t have a seat on the bus :frowning: Also if you did Dining you would have to pay OOP for it because they would not be included.

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