Room at Old Key West

Hi. I wonder if someone could give me some idea of which blocks would be good to request a room in on OKW. This is our first time at this resort and I have heard if you get the wrong block you could be walking for days (haha) because it is huge. Any ideas folks? We are in a Studio not bothered which floor has long as we are close to Transport and maybe Pool.

We were in 64 last year and it was great. We do have a family member with a disability and were told the rooms in that area are hard to get- everyone requests them. If you’re walking to hospitality or the main pool, any of the buildings in that area (62,63,64,15,16) will have a similar walk and the ones just over the bridge (23-26) won’t be a bad walk either.

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That’s great will make a note of those blocks

im staying there also…what is the best way to request a building so that you have the best chance of getting the one you want…thanks

Everytime we’ve used the TP fax request (on TP home page) we’ve gotten pretty close to the requested room. We’ve used it for AKL, OKW, and CB. I’m sure this is very dependent on how busy the hotel is when you travel.

how far in advance do we need to do the request

They will fax the request 5 days before arrival. So anytime before that and you should be fine.