Rookie Question: Room Only Discount

Hello Liners. This is my first question posted to the new forum... I have a Deluxe Room already booked 11/28-12/5 (through AAA). The promo starts 11/29. I should be able to have the discount applied to all qualifying nights (night 2 - 7), correct? It is OK that I arrive before the promo (but, conversely, if it were a dining package promo my arrival date would be critical, do I have that right?)? Thanks all!

That's a really good question that I haven't seen before. I "Believe" they should be able to use it on the nights that qualify but I can't say for sure. Did you check online to see if the promo showed avail at your resort for your dates? Seems like it's pretty limited during some weeks.

Ah, good point. Checked the fine print on Dis site and since I am at AKL KV the discount is only 15% during those dates which is likely on par with the discount I already got through AAA. Oh well... I'll still ask AAA what, if anything, it means for my ressie... a discount of anything would be a moral win at this point! Thanks for pointing me to the right place!

I would definitely call. As far as I know AAA does not get a better discount than the current public offering. It definitely can't hurt!