Rollercoasters anxiety: advice?

Looking forward to our WDW visit this January - last time was in 2013 (gulp!). My family members are NOT rollercoaster fans - they loved Big Thunder, but were traumatized by Everest, and RockNRoller is off the table for sure. What is your opinion on those latest attractions: 7 dwarfs, RoR, Cosmic Rewind and SDD? Should we stay or should we go? (Thank you The Clash.)


I would say to stay away from Cosmic Rewind. SDD and 7DMT are milder than Big Thunder, and I don’t think of Rise as a coaster (others may disagree).


If BTMRR is fine, then 7DMT, RoR and SDD will be perfectly fine imo. I’m basing this on my younger one who has ridden all of those at 6-7yo and I wouldn’t call him a rollercoaster fan either. EE or RnR would be too fast for him.

Cosmic Rewing I haven’t ridden so no comment.


I hate coasters and went on RotR and it was fine.
I had not been on BTMR since 1996 and went on last year. Never again! For me it was much too rough. I did ride 7DMT and it was milder when compared to BTMR but I still didn’t really like it and do not want to go on it again. If any in your group likes BTMR, they can certainly go on 7DMT. I have not been on SDD.

I think this is right.


Your family sounds like me! I really enjoyed Big Thunder, but Expedition Everest and RnR look way too intense for me.

I loved 7DMT and think that’s the mildest coaster at Disney World. But SDD was just a little too much for me. I’m glad I tried it, and the theming is fun, but it’s very high, lots of ups and downs, and it feels much scarier than Big Thunder because it’s just tracks and lots of air underneath, rather than being built into some landscape or in the dark. I was more ok with Space Mountain because it’s in the dark, so I can’t see how high up I might be or what’s coming up next. And for what it’s worth, the big drop on Splash Mountain scared the crap out of me. (You should see my photopass pic. My son is delighted, while I look like I’m afraid we’re both going to die.)

I have no experience with Cosmic Rewind, but I wonder if it might feel more similar to Space Mountain because it’s indoors? Someone else will have to comment on that. Hope this helps!


I would say Cosmic Rewind will feel more like Rock’n’Roller Coaster.

Cosmic Rewind does not go upside down. It is a mag lev like RnRC tho the launch is backward. It’s way smoother than Space Mountain. It has screens to look at as you fly by.

If Thunder Mtn is at your top end of enjoyable, you may not like Cosmic Rewind.


Yes and no for me. Some similarities as far as a dark indoor coaster with space theme, but the feel of the movement is very different. SM has jerkier turns but higher max g force, where GotG is smoother, much faster, lower max g force but many moments of still significant g force, and the turning of the individual seats. It is pretty fast, but feels way faster.

The intensity of some of the turns to simulate gravitational slingshot maneuvers and the like, along with some screen effects made my wife a bit ill for awhile. She is totally fine on EE but won’t do RnRC anymore, for reference.


GOTG is a very smooth coaster. Highly enjoyable. No inversions. I’m a try everything once kind of person when it comes to rides. If I don’t like it (I’m looking at you Mission Space) then I just don’t go again.

I think they may enjoy it. We convinced an older senior couple to give it a go while on the Skyliner with them :rofl: SDD and 7DMT are less intense than Big Thunder. ROTR is not a coaster.

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I agree about Rise…doesn’t really feel like a roller coaster. SDD actually freaks me out a big when we go on the curve that feels like we are going to tip over. I almost can’t ride it for that reason…I think if we were moving faster I would handle it better.

I do not like rollercoasters. I have to do deep breathing exercises in lines before getting on them. I have done them all at least once though.

Never doing again:
RnRR. I do not like going upside down

On my “won’t do” list but would make an exception:
Space mountain. I don’t like the jittery motion or the ride vehicle. I feel like I need a sports bra to be on it and that I’m bracing myself the whole time in the vehicle.

I’ll do it but I’m not going to do it twice:
Everest. The going backwards in a spiral in the dark makes me feel like I’m going upside down and I don’t like that

Roller coasters that I somewhat enjoy:

  • 7 dwarves: it’s smooth and short
  • BTMRR: it jittery but it’s pretty boring. At night it’s terrifying.
  • SDD: i think I like it and it’s fine until the undulating part, and then I regret my choices.
  • GotG: I didn’t like it the first time but second and third were good. I sing along and it helps. It’s more like Disneyland SM than WDW SM.

ROTR is not a coaster and it’s the best ride so don’t skip it!


I’m not a coaster fan but am fine with the ones that appear to stay on the ground, like 7dmt and BTMR.

I hope to do Slinky, and have done a few rides on the Dragon at Legoland to prepare! It’s the off the ground thing that gets me.

But I doubt I’ll do Everest, not keen on drops.


I don’t like huge, stomach-in-your-throat feeling drops either, and I would do Everest again. It’s not near as bad as FoP in that respect.


I’m not a rollercoaster fan. I will do Big Thunder and 7DMT. I immediately regretted getting on Slinky Dog. I was able to do FOP thanks to a helpful “how not to get sick on FOP” Youtube video I found.

After our last trip I finally determined my issue with rollercoasters: the drops. Both BTM and 7DMT drop and immediately turn/bank. Slinky Dog is a straight drop which I seriously don’t like.


I feel so sad for you! This is my favorite part of any roller coaster. It’s why my favorite rides are Tower of Terror, Splash, and Everest.


Same!! Although I admit that when I rode Diamondback with DS this summer at Kings Island, I was a tad nervous! It’s a 215’ drop!


I’ve done a couple roller coasters like that and it is terrifying! When I rode Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain, I was seriously regretting my life choices. :joy: But it’s so fun.

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He wants me to do Orion next year which has a 300 ft drop and 91mph top speed. :scream: I am sure I will love it… if I make it on! :laughing:


I would pee my pants, but please tell me how it goes! :rofl:


The good news is Orions lift hill takes just as long as Diamondback even though it is taller. I absolutely hate the lift hills on coasters, love everything else. Also the left side seats have the steps with rail beside you so it may feel a bit more enclosed if that helps.