Roller coasters

We’ve looked forward to the roller coasters so much, but I’m a bit disappointed at how bumpy they are. They end up giving us headache. Are there any smooth coasters here?

Which ones have you been on? I don’t recall any of them being particularly bumpy, but then again I really like the more thrilling coasters.

Hulk was hurting our heads, as did rip rocket. I went on California Screaming 2 years ago and it was great… a nice smooth coaster. We are hoping to find some to go on that don’t rattle our brains so much.

I felt the same way about those two too. Try Dragon Challenge. It didn’t bother me at all.

Will do Sally. I’ve been wondering all night why or what I’m doing wrong :slight_smile: We are heading to Busch gardens today… fingers crossed for some smooth thrill coasters.

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OK, sounds to me like you may have problems with most of the current generation thrill coasters, as they tend to throw a lot of g-forces at you in different directions.You will probably do better with coasters that are more traditional in nature and focus on drops, speed, and big curves. That’s probably why you liked California Screamin, as it is set up to mimic a classic wood coaster.

Ha - for me - I have gotten old!! LOVE roller coasters - but most (even the smooth ones) give me a headache (which can’t be good in all honesty) But I pop a few advil before and have a good time. you would THINK the steel ones would be smooth - but they aren’t sometimes. Dueling Dragons gave me a headache - but once again - I’m getting old - still didn’t stop me.

I’m happy hear that I’m not the only one. None of the coasters bothered me when I was young, but now I feel beat up when I get off of them. But I’m also not above popping a couple of Alleve tablets to ride either. Vacation only comes around so often. Make the most of it!

Yes, this is definitely the issue I feel. Such a shame,I use to love coasters… I really thought I was in a perfect position to enjoy them again with teen daughters and hubby… Currently still at Busch Gardens and I’ve done several today, but the last few were so bad with my brain rattling the side of my skull, I couldn’t barely cope the entire ride length. So unpleasant. I feel a bit annoyed that I can’t cope. Wish that California Screaming was here.

Oh my gosh, I thought this was an issue that only I have! Not that I want anyone else to experience that kind of pain but at least I know I am not alone. My chiro told me it may be a concussion and that freaked me out! The Hulk started my brain pain and then Rip rocket sent me over the edge (this was 3 years ago). I was screaming in pain the entire ride. It feels like my brain is slamming against my skull. Is that what you experience as well? I thought they claimed that the revamped Hulk is suppose to be smoother. Did you ride just recently? The only coasters I can do are the ones at Sea World (haven’t tried the new Mako yet) but the others are super smooth! Oh, and I also rode California Screamin and didn’t have any issues either. Can I ask which ones you tried at Busch? We are thinking about going there during our upcoming trip but I’d rather know ahead of time what to avoid. Oh, and for me, NOTHING dulls the pain. It’s mind blowing!

I’m am so glad that I’m not alone on these thoughts. Each time I hear that Hulk ride roar and I watch all those people going around, I was looking up at them all thinking “why are they coping, and I am not”… Yes, I did hulk a few days ago… me and hubby were shocked at how bumpy it was… left us both with head pain…left us both feeling real old (we are early/mid 40’s). I will compile a Busch list tomorrow for you… some were ok, some completely unpleasant!

That’s a bummer about Hulk and Busch Gardens. I was looking forward to trying Hulk again and some new coasters that we’ve never tried before. Hubby and I are also in our mid 40’s but hubs doesn’t have the same issues as we do, lucky man! Our 17 year old however does get the brain pain so it doesn’t seem to be only age related. I would love your recommendations on the coasters at Busch Gardens. Thanks :slight_smile:

Smooth coasters at Busch Gardens were Cobras Curse, Cheetah Hunt and Sheikra. The Scorpion was also good. All others I found that I spend the entire ride in a state of regret and concern for my head :slight_smile: I wonder what happens to people who can’t hold out for the ride to stop…people that it is too strong for… they surely must do some damage.