Roller coaster chicken exits

I’m a single mom traveling with my 9 and 11 year old daughters. My 11 year old wants to ride EE and RRC. My 9 year old does not. What is the chicken exit situation like for these rides? Can my 9 year old wait with us and then exit without having to go too far? For example, on EE, can she just step through the car and then wait for us on the platform? Any suggestions/information for these and the other coasters would be appreciated! I’m getting stressed as I don’t want my older daughter to miss out on all of the fun!


Some Disney coasters, like BTMRR, load and unload at the same place. For BTMRR, your non-rider could step through the car and wait for you. However that’s more of a problem at EE because all unloading/loading is done from the left side only. The train unloads at one place, then moves forward a hundred feet or so to the next platform to load the next set of riders. A similar situation exists for RRC. I would suggest you explain your situation to a CM and see what they suggest.

BTMRR I believe starts at one track and ends on the other side?

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I think it depends on how many BTMRR trains are running, but you make a good point.

The best person I know for chicken exits is @pod4christ. But I do not know how often he is on forums now.

But reguardless the CMs will take care of you.

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I have basically the same situation for my trip in August. My son is 13 and loves the coasters and thrill rides, but my daughter, who is 11, will not do anything more intense than SDD or 7DMT. Even at 11, I’m not really comfortable leaving her to just hang out by herself in the park waiting for us. Plus, if we have a fastpass for the ride and she doesn’t have one (I would’nt want to waste one something I know she won’t ride), will the CM’s even let her join the line with us? This did actually work for us at Six Flags last year even when we had flashpass. We all waited in line together and when we got to the flashpass scanning point I would just explain to the ride attendant that she wasn’t riding and they would have her cross through and wait at the exit area, but all of the rides at Six Flags are the type that load and unload at the same place. I was thinking for RnR and Tower of Terror, I might be able to bring her into the gift shop and have her wait there since those both exit out into a gift shop and at least inside the gift shop she would be a little more sheltered. I’m curious to know if others would be comfortable leaving an 11 year old girl to wait inside a gift shop while mom and other kid go on a ride?

Yes I’d be completely comfortable letting her wait in the gift shop. If she uses the chicken exit, that’s where she’ll go anyway. I don’t think they actually let kids stand on the loading/unloading platform to wait, they would be a safety hazard.

They won’t let someone without a FP enter the line. But if you don’t get her one, what else would you do with it? She’d have to get a different one and ride by herself. It doesn’t sound like you’d be comfortable with that. I’d just get her the same as you.

Another big question is would your daughter be comfortable waiting in a gift shop for you? DD10 still refuses to be left at home even if I’m going 2 blocks to the gas station. And honestly I don’t think I’d trust her to not play with the toys on display while waiting lol

She’s totally fine being left home alone for an hour or two. I don’t think she would be afraid or nervous to be left waiting in a gift shop but she might be annoyed or impatient at having to wait around. Most likely I will have to bribe her with the promise of being able to buy something in the shop. I normally would give each kid some kind of spending allowance for the trip anyway, but it would be totally worth it to me to spend a few extra bucks so I can get to go on the rides and have the peace of mind knowing she’s safe and confined instead of hanging out alone outside.


I don’t know the logistics, but as an avid coaster rider in various parks (inc WDW) I would be shocked if there wasn’t a chicken exit protocol. If for the very fact that some riders may not fit in the car and will need to leave without riding. I would be prepared for her to be escorted all the way out of the ride to the exit. If you are uncomfortable with her being unattended, CMs will likely suggest rider swap since they are probably not allowed to take the responsibility of watching kids.

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OP can’t do rider swap though, since she’s on her own with 2 daughters.

There is definitely a chicken exit for all coasters. Although apparently, the ToT one uses an elevator to get out!

It all depends really on whether the non-riding child goes through the line or just waits at the ride exit. Either that or the older child rides alone.

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As others have said…there’s always a chicken exit. For BTMRR you walk through the train. For EE you just don’t get on at the loading area and they have a gate you leave through.

What’s the situation for FOP? Hubby and I want to both ride, DD7 and DD5 won’t ride. We plan to have FPs. Going separate or doing RS seems like a huge time suck with pre-show. Any other options?

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IF they are tall enough to ride and also have FPP they can go through the line with you and maybe you can do a swap right at the ride area. I’m not due if that’s possible.

But if one is not tall enough they won’t be allowed to enter the line.

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