Rol fpp

We have a FPP for ROL on Sat 11/18 for the 6:#30 show. Because my kids can’t stay up to watch the fireworks etc elsewhere we wanted to make sure the kids got a good shot at a good viewing area for this. I was watching the TP FB live with Brian the other day and someone asked if it was worth it. He said that you still en up having to wait 40 minutes or so so it would be better to use your FPP on something earlier in the day and then having a shot at a 4th FPP. Is it just about the wait or do FPP people get a better viewing area etc. as well? We are 2.5 weeks out so trying to finalize my day. TIA!

According to a map by WDW Prep School, the Dining Package guests have the best seats in the house (center). FP+ have a chance at similarly good seats (center), but also some that aren’t quite as good (somewhat off center). Then lucky standby users may get a somewhat off center view or a fully side view. Not sure if that is still the seating procedure.

In my case, I had a dining package at Tiffins but dumped it for a meal at Jiko and a FP+ for RoL. I’m hoping to still get a good seat without getting there too early. Something else to consider, if you dump your FP+ in hopes of a 4th rolling FP+, you may wind up at the late show. The FP+ for the first show are already gone for the evening I will be there. If your children need out of the park earlier than that, I would keep the FP+ you already have.

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We had the Dining Package (Tuskers) passes and the seats were excellent. Knowing that we had good seats being saved we turned up 15 minutes before the RoL show started. Cheeky of us perhaps, but we did pay significantly for the dining package :slight_smile: