ROL Dining package question

If I book a ROL package can I use my voucher for the following night’s show? Or is it dated for a specific day?

Hi. We had a ROL package from Tusker House a couple of weeks ago and i’m 99% sure it had the date it had to be used stamped on it.

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I know our Fantasmic vouchers were dated for the same day. If it’s rained off I think you can switch it at Guest services.

Not sure about ROL but I would assume it’s the same.

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It is stamped with the date.

Kinda creepy and crazy I have this picture - right😏?


Y-yeah…crazy. No one would EVER do that here. Ever. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nope not creepy. I’ve only been here a few months but I’ve already learned not to question :joy:


Wow! Those tickets are beautiful! They make you turn those back in when you use them?! No, no, no! Those are scrapbook worthy!

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They rip them!

Does anyone know what it means if you’re reservation says your ticket says “first show” are there more than one?

No, that’s something they say on all of the tickets, so they’re covered in case they do have two or more shows. They’ve been known to add a second show sometimes.

Oh, the horror! :cry: Why would they create something so lovely (and no doubt costly) just to be destroyed?!

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