ROL and F! Dining Packages

We will be on the deluxe dining plan so we already get an appetizer and dessert with our meal. If we do the package for ROL and F! does that change our choices? I have a vague memory of doing the F! package a few years ago and getting a dessert sampler we didn’t choose.

So at HBD the package gets the sampler. At Tiffins we were able to choose anything off the menu.

At HBD the waitress justified it by saying that the meals were so filling, the sampler had always worked best for packages because patrons are typically full. Thai proved true for us, but maybe not for everyone?

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Where you on the deluxe dining package at HBD?

no - we paid out of pocket. So, I’m not sure what reigns supreme if you are using credits to pay for a package. I’m sure someone else will chime in to answer that.

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