ROL Advice Needed!

We have never seen ROL and it’s on our MUST DO list this year. It will be Jan 2019, so only 1 show a night. Should we:

A: Try to get a FP on the evening we arrive (since we won’t be getting early FP’s anyways)

B: Do the Tusker House package?

Having never been, I have no idea what the seating is, or how it works? I am assuming we cannot just walk up before the show and grab a seat.

ADDED NOTE: We will also have a full day in AK later in the week.

You may be able to just walk up and get a seat, BUT if it’s a MUST DO, then I would go for the Tusker House ROL meal. Apparently there is now a ROL dessert party too that gets you in plus dessert of course

How expensive is the dessert party? I would just look it up, but the disney site keeps crashing…

I would not use a FP, having a late FP restricts you from adding additional FPs throughout the day. I would definitely do the dining package if you aren’t willing to go early for a seat.

@danimoon67 This would be arrival day for us - We may just have time for ROL, dinner and 1 or 2 rides (parks close early in Jan). Still not worth it??

All the dessert parties are crazy expensive - looks like 79 for adults and 39ish for kids. It also currently is not available every night and right now it only has dates thru 1st few days of November - was just throwing that out as an option. If it were me - Id’ do Tusker House ROL pacakge - but keep in mind you have to have your meal no later 2.5 hours before ROL starts

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Thanks! I love dessert, but not for $79 ugh

Ditto - plus Tusker house full meal is cheaper than that even for lunch and dinner

I would definitely go with the FP plan then.

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Have you considered Tiffins dining plan? I believe it is cheaper than dessert only. We went the week before 4th of July . Our first trip to WDW and loved it ! Just remember there are separate entrances for the show . The ROL dinnng entrance was on the far side of the stadium. The dessert party includes tax, the dining one doesn’t. Dining pkg gets you a appetizer, entree and dessert from anything on the menu.

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I am using a FPP for ROL on my first day in AK. I am not going to any parks in the AM & planning to go to AK around 4, I don’t need a FPP for anything besides FOP, since I can’t do EE and I will be going back at RD a different day during my trip.
No reason not to use it for ROL when there is no benefit to using it anywhere else


I don’t think either is necessary. Just go 30-45 minutes before the show starts and get a seat.

Even with the Fastpass you will still have to go early if you want a seat closer to the water, but you are guaranteed to get in.

However, I’m not sure there is a “bad” seat for that show.

It’a mesmerizing and beautiful! You will love it.


As you have no plans for your first night I would book a FPP for ROL, you probably won’t get one for FOP but probably Navi. If you don’t want to go into a park your first night then I would consider one of the more expensive options.

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Thanks everyone! We are staying at AKL, so I think a couple hours at Animal Kingdom in the evening will be relaxed enough after a long travel day. I will try to get ROL and Navi FPP. Then on the full AK day do FOP and the safari.

The more I think about it, the less I want to add another dining experience.

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Sanaa was a good lunch also!

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