RofR and rope drop

We have access to early entry at 8:30 for onsite guests. How early should we plan on getting to HS to be able to ride RoR with less than a 30 minute wait? I’ve seen the recent Touring Plans video saying how typically they open up RoR even earlier than the early entry, and you can get on and off in about 20 minutes before the park even opens to other guest. I don’t want to be the first person through the gates, but what is a reasonable time to rope drop early entry so I can ride RoR with a half hour or less wait?

Also, my touring plan takes into account early entry and still shows a 90 minute wait arriving at 8:38. This is a crowd level 5 day. Based on all the info I’ve read on here, rope dropping RoR with early entry should be much less than a 90 minute wait?

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Check the TP data here: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Wait Times - Friday, August 26, 2022
Look for the green dots near park open and tap/click to see the actual wait times. Scroll back through the previous days too, to get a good idea.

That seems more like a posted wait time, not an actual.

I don’t remember what time exactly we got to HS, but we got on the bus at 7:00, so I’m thinking we got there around 7:15? We were let in at 7:45 and in line for Rise at 7:50. We were off the ride by 8:30, wasn’t much of a wait, mostly just walking through the queue. We definitely weren’t at the front of the pack. Hope that helps! (This was back on August 2).

ETA: this was with an 8:00 early entry time


We went to DHS early entry the last 2 days. Basically got to park one hour before early entry time. At front of taps. But both days Rise was offline for hours. So definitely have a plan B!


Oh no, hope you eventually got to ride it.

We did, but we had to stand in line for 75 minutes. Luckily, our second morning, I asked a Disney suit if “Rise was experiencing a delayed opening?” And he told me, “That’s what I was told.”So instead of following everyone to Rise, we headed to RnRC and followed our TP and did everything else with almost no waiting. Then we got in line for Rise and were fine with that one long wait!