Rocket launch

Anyone ever watch a rocket launch from Pop? DH is hoping to see it tonight. Any tips on a good viewing spot from Pop?

Please post photos!! That sounds like it’ll be awesome!

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Just as an FYI - I watched one of the last shuttle launches from a balcony of the Orange County Convention Center in 2011, which was cool to do. However, you could barely see it (just a small pencil thread of light heading up into the clouds), and definitely did not hear anything. Just have your expectations set. Sounds like fun, though. I always seem to miss the launches when we’re down there for vacations.


Have not seen one myself, but it looks like launch complex 39a is slightly north of due east. So the Rubik’s cube stairway(90s) overlooking the parking lot, nearest the bus end of the main building, looks like the best spot.

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Thank you!! He thinks liners are magic :joy:

When I was at Pop, I went to the Animator/Pop bridge and if looking at Pop is 1200, then I saw it rise at 1000-1100 direction. If I had known that, I would either go to a 4th floor facing that direction or to the front of Pop.

DH watched a space shuttle launch once from Pop!

@RaySharpton is right. go for 4th floor, facing the right way.