Rock the Universe

I am considering going to Rock the Universe in January 2020 and I have a few questions that I hope someone else knows the answer to :slight_smile:

  1. If I buy a weekend pass, it says it comes with 2 days entry into 1 park per day. I assume I cannot use both those entries and passes on the same day in order to get into both parks, right?

  2. I see from online searching that the early entry process this year is different that last year and if we come at 4 pm, we are going to be held in a specific area then at 6 pm we will be let into Universal Studios. Does anyone know what rides will be open during the event? On their website, it only says that some will be open but not which exact ones.

  3. Any other advice about this event that I should know? If we go, we would purchase the express add-on for sure.