Robin Hood et al at MK

I see posts about Robin Hood, King John, Zootopia characters etc doing meet and greets at MK as part of Mickey’s birthday celebrations. Are these announced in advance anywhere or shown on the times guides when you are there?

We happened to see Robin Hood and friends in Town Square as we were exiting one afternoon in MK. Which afternoon? What time in the afternoon? Geez… I think it probably had to be around 2 on a Thursday.

That being said, for character information I cannot say enough about Kenny the Pirate and his Character Locator. One of our trips was very character-meet heavy and using his information we met something like 14 characters in AK alone on a single day! It is a paid-for subscription but if it matters a lot to you it may be worth it (and it’s nominal - similar to the annual subscription fee for this site).


There are different “rare” characters that meet each day at certain times, maybe once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I think it’s fairly easy to find out the times.

So you may get Mary Poppins on a Monday, Robin Hood on a Tuesday etc.

However I saw somewhere, maybe on the DIS, that Disney change the line up about every 3 weeks. And ther is no actual schedule released. So although people tried to compile a list of characters and times, itthen completely changed for the next cycle.

The best you may be able to do is be there at the appropriate time and see who appears.

You must be referencing the special/rare characters right? Else how could Kenny be so successful.

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Agreed! If your family enjoys characters his subscription is worth it.

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I was, yes. Is that not what OP was meaning?