Road Travel Tips, Traditions & Treats

For those who drive to Disney, what are your favorite tips and traditions. We normally drive through the night but this time it’s all daytime for 18 hours. I have some treats for the kids but am looking for a few ideas or surprises to help pass the time. Thanks!

I used a free computer program called handbreak to rip all of our kids DVDs into a digital format. Really easy to do. Then you can load them onto any tablets/phones/laptops etc.

A laptop with games, movies, and HEADPHONES! lol… snacks, mad libs, and some breaks to get out and stretch.

Go to the Dollar Store and buy some little toys. It amazing how excited kids can get about something they’ve never seen before, even if it only cost you a dollar or two. But they don’t have to know that!

That is a great idea @AllisonFamily. I hate bringing DVDs cause ultimately one or more get scratched.

MadLibs are great @outer! Also planning on printing out road trip games online.

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I usually put together a road trip back with coloring books and activity books, easy to travel snacks and little toys they can play with. They know they will get the bag but they aren’t allowed to look in their bag until we are in the road. Of course we always have DVD and handheld games to fall back on.

My kiddos are pretty good travelers. We just came back from a 16 hr drive from Maine back home to NC

We drive 22+ hours but we break it up into 2.5 days. Try not to go more than 4 hours without a stop to get out and stretch, see a Welcome Center, go to a restaurant. Our kids are older so we look for licence plates from different states and provinces, and generally sing badly to whatever is on the radio. Typical Griswold family vacation - without Christie Brinkley - so far! :wink:

I print a page of games etc for each state we travel through. On our first page I have a picture map of VA The first game is when will we get there? “There are 178 miles of interstate 95 in VA. How long, including stops, will it take to get to NC?” Everyone guesses. Road Q&A games like “Would You Rather…?” And the character guessing game might be on the VA page complete with a list of questions. The sheets get clipped to a clipboard for each person. Someone annotates for the driver. Research road trip games for ideas.