RO reservation for day before a package

How does that work with FPP? I would have to do for that day AND THEN the following day for the package? Do I get FPP if I dont have tix linked with the RO… Hoping to just add a day to my package and using for the RO day.

Since its before the beginning of your package you wouldn’t be able to book any fpp for that day until after you arrived and got then to activate your ticket early… sorry.

I’m not sure that @Outer1 is right on this. (Sorry, my friend.) FP are linked to the number of days on your park tickets, even if you have more park ticket days than nights in your package. You do have park tickets linked to your other room reservation, right? I think this is like if you do a couple of days at Univsrsal in the middle of a trip or stay offsite for a couple of days. You can make FP for the number of days on your park ticket, and they don’t have to be consecutive. So If you have one night Room Only, plus your longer package that includes a room plus tickets for x-number of days, then you should be able to book FP for any days you want up to x-number of days. You just can’t start booking them until 60 days in advance of the FIRST DAY of your package. So you can schedule them for the day before your package begins, but not until after that later 60 days mark.

Oh I guess that’s possible. I thought when mine opened up it was any days within 14 of check in date but I didn’t actually try for before that. Hopefully @SallyEppcot is correct.

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I believe that things are a little different with package tickets, as WDW “knows” when you are going to be there so your FPP reservation window is tied to your stay. However, as with anything related to FPP, this can change with the wind…