RNRC refurbishment & reopen date

Any idea when RNRC will reopen? Is “summer” typically by Labor Day or is it less predictable than that?

My guess is it will be before Labor Day. I read on WDW Magic “late summer” though.

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I saw this link this morning but when I press the link it Durant go anywhere. Maybe deleted? Maybe a rumor?

Haven’t heard anything, but I don’t give much weight to an ITM article - they’re the National Enquirer of Disney news :slight_smile:

Thank you, @MeetMeAtThePoly .

Unlikely. Last I saw was confirmation that no theming was changing, purely a mechanical/wear items maintenance/refresh. Can’t remember where I saw it, or I’d link that.

It was an April Fool, I saw it yesterday on FB.

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LOL! I’ll give ITM a pass then (this time) :slight_smile:

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