RnR closed due to Covid?

Interesting blog post, I don’t know if we will ever know if it is true?

That is interesting.

Colour me skeptical.

How could it only affect one attraction??

Seems very similar to how unplanned maintenance affects only one attraction :thinking::laughing:


Almost all of HS attractions are indoor and they are saying it was the CP CMs but they all live in the same housing? Are they housed based on jobs?

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Also I thought they trained per area and not per ride so they could transition between the ‘land’ they were working in.


WDWNT is reporting that “according to a Cast Member, it is closed for technical difficulties, and may not open today.”


I think WDWNT is right on this one. RnR opened briefly before closing last night. It is delayed again this morning.


We were there on Jan. 3 and 4 and spoke to two cast members who told us that the attraction was experiencing “technical difficulties.” I pressed a little for more info and was told that the ride had been down for 7 days and that the 'big engineers" were inside trying to figure out the problem.


It was closed for the first few days or our trip this week. It was open yesterday.