Riviera vs. AKL

Construction delays at AKL have created the value studio I have booked being potentially unavailable. I was offered a free upgrade to a deluxe studio at the Riviera. While having the additional space and extra bed would be nice, we are looking forward to AKL.

The question is, if for some reason the question comes up again, should I make the switch?

For background, renting DVC points from a private party, who has been awesome, as in, how the heck did I find an owner that was able to book a value studio?

It may be a case of having to take the studio at Riviera.

There may not be available studios, or other villas, available at AKL. DVC runs at 95-99% capacity year round.

The reason that DVC can offer studios at Riviera is because it isn’t all declared yet, so there are lots of rooms that cannot be booked by members.

Talk to the member you rented from and see what they say. Sometimes the choice for DVC is take what’s offered or cancel the trip and get the points back. Which would leave you with having to book a regular room.

What would the chances be of pushing to get accommodation at AKL for the points it would cost at RR. They are willing to make that switch, so they are willing to swallow some points to do it. Make them do it at AKL :woman_shrugging:t2:Your value studio is now a savanna view studio or maybe a sandals 1BR.

Guesstimating as I’m not looking at points charts

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But that depends on the availability. There could be none at all, depending when the trip is.

And DVC don’t usually offer non-DVC rooms as compensation.

Now if there actually is availability then the owner could negotiate there, but @bfattore isn’t going to be able to have that conversation with DVC. It’s down to the owner.

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Worth trying for anyway.

I personally would pick AKL over RR every time. RR is just not my aesthetic and has an entirely different feel from AKL

Fair enough.

But this is a rental. And like it or not, the owner isn’t really under any obligation to negotiate. I’m sure they will ask Member Services, but to my mind if they are offered Riviera or points back that’s fair enough.

Which then means @bfattore has a choice of Riviera or a refund.

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I actually talked to the member today. They offered the deluxe studio at RR which is nearly double the points for no additional cost. I said I would do that, but preferred to stay at AKL and also gave a couple other resorts I would prefer over RR. While on the phone, got offered a normal AKL hotel room, which I declined, then they found that a couple of the value villas were going to be opened up by the time I stay in a couple weeks.

So I still have the original room I booked, for now…Sounds like the folks have the same thoughts as me in regards to RR. Disney would be eating the points at this point, not the member, if I do have to switch. I really was just wondering if I am better off at RR if I have the option of both.

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Having stayed at both Kidani and Riviera in the past 2 months, I found them both to have pros and cons. My studio at Kidani had no savannah view and was in dire need of renovation. Overall, though, I preferred the AKL ambience and restaurants. Riviera has a great fine dining restaurant, pool and hot tub open til 11pm, is conveniently located on the Skyliner and is brand new. I found it bland as can be though, with hard beds. But, for me, Riviera’s pros outweigh the cons - at least until Kidani finishes their renovation.