Riviera Opening Date - Dec 16, 2019

It looks like Disney’s systems are accepting bookings for Riviera starting on Dec 16, 2019. That fits in the “fall 2019” opening window previously announced. Cash-only bookings right now.


Thanks, really looking forward to seeing pics of the real thing! We’ll definitely be staying there (on points) at some stage!

If you go to Disney’s website and pretend to schedule a room at resort over night (say, December 17), it will list Riviera as an option. A lot of the photos they are showing are real photos, not just artist renderings.

The pics are quite nice. Lots of rumors confirmed. The “tower” studio sleeps only 2 in the wall/murphy bed. Plus the regular studios and 1 bedrooms sleep 5 which is nice. They definitely furnished them quite grand. Lots of gold and marble. The tvs are tuned to Beauty and the Beast, Aristocats and Lady & the Tramp so that must be where they are going theme wise. Although I didn’t think Lady & the Tramp takes place in France!

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