Riviera hotel

Any updates on riviera hotel? Is it just going to be a DVC resort, or dual use with “regular” deluxe rooms too?

It is a DVC resort. Around 300 rooms. Building is up, and as high as it’s going to be. It has it’s own gondola station which is well underway too.

As with all DVC resorts, anyone can book rooms there, or rent points to stay.

I think there have also been some rumors that there might be some different rooms beyond the studio/1-bed/2-bed/grand, perhaps “value” type studios or something. I would wager a club level. But almost everything about the Riviera hotel is rumor at this point besides what you can physically see. They just started pouring concrete for pools. Timeline for DVC sales seems to point to the end of next summer with an opening “late fall” haha.

All DVC; I haven’t heard how it will stack up against the others regarding points/night. Official sales or opening have not been announced, but I know the “plan” is to have it operating by the time that SWGE opens…

To me it doesn’t seem to have that much to offer. The building is bland, it’s not in a prime location, and it doesn’t offer the more stand alone villas that Keywest does. Am I missing something?

We have no idea what facilities will be, other than two pools (for which concrete is being poured) and a rooftop restaurant with views of both Epcot and DHS fireworks. But this is a stand alone resort, so should have a QS, gym, community hall, shops. Plus access to two parks via it’s own gondola station.

I’m excited to hear more details, probably at the condo association meeting in December. And show rooms are being readied now apparently, and should be ready for viewing early next year.

I actually think it will be considered a prime location. Direct gondola access to Epcot and DHS.